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In Mem. 1922-2001
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Lorge & Lorge Law Firm traces its history to its founder and former Senior Partner, Gerald. D. Lorge, Attorney at Law, who received his Doctorate Degree in Law (J.D., Juris Doctorate) at Marquette University Law School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and immediately began practicing law in 1952. Thirty years later, in 1982 Robert G. Lorge joined the firm initially as a legal assistant while completing his own Doctorate Degree in Law (J.D., Juris Doctorate) at Marquette University Law School, in 1985. Maintaining the tradition of excellent personal legal services provided to our clientele, Lorge & Lorge Law Firm became the successor to the Law Offices of Gerald D. Lorge in 1986, when Robert G. Lorge was made managing partner.

Lorge & Lorge Law Firm handles complex Personal Injury Litigation for injured victims of Accidents and product defects (Product Liability). We pride ourselves on our representation of plaintiffs, the injured party, in claims and lawsuits. It is only through advocating the interests of injured persons that large multi-national and foreign owned corporations are forced to make safer products. We help the injured victims of accidents and defective products regain their lives, their dignity and place in society. We make the wrongdoer pay, rather than allow the burden to fall on the shoulders of the injured person or their family or the taxpayer.

Lorge & Lorge Law Firm also engages as Attorneys and Counsel to many Small Business Owners, including new incorporations, and general Business and Real Estate Law; as well as providing quality legal services, advice and counsel to individuals and families in the areas of Last Will and Testaments, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Probating Estates, Estate Planning, and Family Law areas.

Disclaimer: "licensed for practice in Wisconsin and for other jurisdictions only upon a case by case basis as may be authorized by a Court on pro hac vice applications.This webpage is not to be construed as legal advice of any kind nor the creation of any attorney-client relationship unless agreed in writing by a signed contract to be executed by and between the attorrney and prospective client specifically."